Crash Course In Science released a brand new album!

This is one of those albums we've all been looking forward to for years now! Although Crash Course In Science can be considered as one of the pioneers of electro / industrial (dance) music, it took time for this actual comeback album to come out. Already in 1979, Crash Course In Science was experimenting and with all kinds of electronics in order to compose songs which resulted in their first release, the more experimental sounding single 'Kitchen Motors / Cakes In The Home’. This was followed soon by a 12-inch vinyl bomb release in 1981 picked up worldwide and spun by DJs from all sides of the electro, techno and underground scene. If you have a nice vinyl collection, chances are the ‘Signal From Pier Thirteen’ 12” is somewhere in there.

However, it was not until 2011 the Near Marineland album came out. Although, in reality, it was an album that was intended to follow up their aforementioned maxi-single but was never released at that time due to circumstances. But today, six years later, it’s finally happening! And yes yes, it was worth the wait! Already from the start it's clear, Crash Course In Science is one of those blissful bands that you can not describe as "sounds like" but manage to keep their own style and sound. Maybe that’s why the 80s were so amazing? The times in which Shazam was not yet existent and would not have any purpose because you could still recognise every band according their own sound. But enough nostalgic bullshit!

Here is Situational Awareness! A bomb of an album! Ten killer tracks on which one can dance out gallons of sweat from the body without any problems. Danceable electro (pop) with a blissful industrial edge, perfect vocals and cunning lyrics ...

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