KIRLIAN CAMERA Kirlian Camera is an Italy-based group mainly playing electronic dark wave music. The project was founded in Parma in 1979 by Angelo Bergamini and was a pioneering act of the Italian synthpop scene. The demo cassette Dawn attracted the attention of Italian Records, a popular independent label. Christmas 1981 saw the release of their debut vinyl which despite being low-budget immediately sold-out prompting a re-issued, with it finally selling more than 6000 copies.

In 1993, they signed to German label Discordia, which licensed the self-produced album "Todesengel, The Fall of Life". 1995 came to see them collaborate with label mates Dive on the Obsession EP and :Wumpscut:.

During the second half of the Eighties, the sound of Kirlian Camera became gradually darker, moving away from the synth pop sound that marked some of their early releases.

During 2000 the lineup is stabilized when talented singer/composer/writer Elena Alice Fossi joins Kirlian Camera.




30.11 Kirlian Camera announces new album for 2018

09.10 New single 'Sky Collapse' featuring Eskil Simonsson

04.08 Kirlian Camera cooperate with Covenant and announce new album