ELM ELM, the EBM project of Peter Elm was chosen by the audience at the 2017 Dark Demons Night as one of their favorite BIMFEST openers so here they are!

If you thought that Electronic Body Music had lost its edge, well… ELM will prove to the contrary! This Swedish one-man army relocated to Brussels, cradle of the EBM movement, to compose what will soon become the new EBM motto “Live - Breathe - Fuck - Feel!”. Killer basslines, relentless analogue sequences, powerful vocals! “A sonic punch in the face, a massive smack to the head, a solid kick in your solar plexus! This is well-crafted, high quality EBM at its best written and produced by none other than the elektro veteran Peter Elm (RESTRICTED AREA) and mastered by comrade Pontus Stålberg (SPETSNAZ).

ELM makes the ultimate power EBM, what you get is what you feel!

Old-school EBM stompers, the time has come to follow the new leader. A must-see for all fans of NITZER EBB, DAF and SPETSNAZ! This is Electronic Body Music with an “Edge”… (Alfa Matrix)

Alfa-Matrix (Listen and buy here!)