ALVAR ALVAR was chosen by the Dark Demons Night audience as one of their two favorite BIMFEST openers.

”Alvar: a room completely dark, pulsing. two shadows forcing you down on the lap of thrilling rhythms, furious loops and a feeling of total takeover of your souls. it’s just to surrender!” - J.Risberg (Hell On Wheels, Stumm/Risberg) about Alvar gig at Cantina Real - Stockholm.

“All ritualism end when Alvar knocks on your door with some new beats. Knocks evrything out.” Repartiseraren Blogzine

“Their formula consists of a gloomy electro contaminated EBM. Alvar ́s music, in addition, evokes Cold Meat Industry label-like gloomy atmospheres and hypnotic angstpop Haus Arafna-like frequencies... Screams sampled on a repetitive and obsessive electro bassline that evokes the best and classic The Klinik episodes...” Fluxproject, Blogzine Italy

Peek-a-Boo (Interview)